Prompt 52: Final Few Hours

There are only a few hours left to get your Prompt 52 Journal for 2018 with brand new prompts for 2018. Don’t miss out – get all the prompts in one handy pocket notebook.


As with any journalling habit we encourage career journalists to free-write in their journal on a regular basis. This helps you to record the good stuff (even if it is messy) as and when it … Continue reading Free-Writing

Own Your Career

You need to own your career. This will help you achieve whatever objective your want. By “Owning Your Career” we are talking about taking responsibility for it, driving it forward – yourself! This is key … Continue reading Own Your Career

Prompt: Wins of the Day

Prompt: Wins of the Day It is important to celebrate the small things. Write down 3 wins of the day. No matter how small they might be.