Let’s Get Started: What are the benefits of writing a journal?

benefits of writing a journal

So what are the benefits of writing a journal?

Writing always gets my creative juices flowing. I start writing and almost immediately I get an idea, I get inspired about a new product, a new challenge, a new book or other new project.

My Journals…

… record my thoughts while also bringing clarity.

… help process previous events and draw conclusions, improvements and action points.

… help me to progress and move forward with projects, learn from my mistakes and grow as a person.

In a busy world, where there never seems to be enough hours in the day the luxury of making journal writing part of my routine means that I actually take time out to reflect on what is happening. I actually have some quality time with myself (and my hot drink of choice) and as I journal using paper and pen – time away from the glare of the computer screen.

I believe that this downtime and reflection helps me to be happier, more grateful for what I have, more focussed and in tune with my goals and helps me to manage my time and priorities.

This is what I get out of writing a journal. There is no reason you can experience the same thing too… so let’s get started.

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