Changing Job: Top Tips for Preparing your CV

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Once qualified the majority of your applications for a new job will be by using a CV. Your CV is your “shop window” so it is important to get it right. Your CV should be worked on even if you are not actively seeking employment. Take your time when writing your CV as it should highlight interesting work and showcase your strengths.

For most people when they look to change jobs from one job to another it will have been a while since they last wrote a CV – so here are some tips to get your started and to remind you about what is important.

Top Tips for Writing Your CV:

  • be consistent with your presentation and make it look professional and smart.
  • proofread! Your CV is a reflection of your work, if there are errors in it, it is unlikely to get any further.
  • use plain english.
  • be aware of overselling or underselling yourself – just be honest and sell yourself at the same time.
  • convey your experience concisely (most recent first). This should include your skills and be relevant to the job criteria.
  • your CV shouldn’t read like a job description – yes you should refer to the job description and you will want to show that you tick the relevant boxes, but it should be about you.
  • be precise. What did you do? Where are you on the scale of experience?

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