G is for … Goals Management

a to z challenge 2013 - G

Yes, another goals post and yes I seem to have goals coming out of my ears. Today is about preparing a chart for above my desk so that I can visually appreciate my goals (you can use this chart for any goals from any area of your life not just Career Development).

I moved to my new desk at work last week – it has no walls, no cubicle board space – nothing. I am just floating in the middle of the room with limited space and the motivation to keep a cleaner more organised desk. And my chart will be going above my desk at home.

The Goals Management Chart.

The chart is designed to be A3 in size and I will be offering it as a #flashfreebie for a limited time only (the duration of the A to Z Challenge).

The chart is simple to use – just stick up on your wall and add your post its to it. Simply review and update when necessary.

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