Prompt: How can I add value?

prompt journal - add value

Prompt: How can I “add value” in my job and become indispensable?

Today we are back to thinking about your career development. Often an important factor in getting a promotion, a pay rise or a a bonus is taking into consider the “value” you are personally adding to the business. The more you contribute – the more likely the company is going to invest in you.

Think about your job description and what you do day-to-day in you job? How do each of those things contribute to the business and how can you improve so that you contribute more? What is the value to the business? How can you increase the value? Quite often these sorts of “add value” things are outside of your basic job description – but some thought into adding value can make you life easier in the long run and increase your “value” to your employer.

Examples of ways to “add value” include:

  • make the business more money
  • save money for the business
  • improve efficiency
  • improve quality
  • fix a problem
  • prevent a future issue

Just make sure that you keep track of what you are doing and how these things are directly (or indirectly) having a positive impact. Use this journal entry to identify a few “value add” activities that you can do.



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