How to be Confident (not arrogant)

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It’s important to understand the differences between arrogance and confidence. You will want to be confident, but not arrogant. While arrogance works for some people for the majority of us – it is just a massive turn-off.

How to Show your Confidence

Show your confidence in the office generally by:

  • Showing respect and listening to others.
  • Maintaining eye contact when having a conversation.
  • Acknowledging your own mistakes. Don’t blame others.
  • Helping and supporting others.
  • Building relationships.
  • Knowing your strengths and weaknesses and how to deal with them appropriately.
  • Not imposing your view on others.
  • Letting your accomplishments/work speak for itself.

Don’t make condescending remarks or blame others. These are the actions of an arrogant person who thinks that they are superior to others. You should not need to bring others down you make yourself feel better, nor should you belittle others regardless of their role. An important part of being succesful is working as a team towards a common goal (whether this is with your client or your colleagues). Let your confidence show by helping others succeed in something and working well with others.

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