Prompt: What is your Ideal Job Description?

promptjournal(10)Prompt: What is my ideal job description?

If you were with us last year you may have already done a version of this prompt. However, it is one of those that I find worth revisiting time and time again. Write it for your current role OR the role you are looking for. Write about what you want to do this year, how you want to change the role / job you are doing and jot down a few ideas of how you can do it (or things you might want to talk to your supervisor/boss about.

As before take some time to think about:

  • What do you want to do in addition to the everyday stuff
  • What elements of your job would you prefer not to do and would prefer to delegate / ask some one else takes over the responsibility
  • If you did successfully get rid of those elements what would you use the extra time for? What would you like to use the extra time for?
  • What do you enjoy the most about your everyday job?
  • What could you not do without?
  • What do you want to change this year?
  • What have you tried to change, but not successfully changed before and how are you going to make that change this time round?
  • What do you want to do in 2018? How are you going to get there?

Your job is what you make it into – write your own job description #ownyourcareer

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