Prompt: Tell a Story


Prompt: Tell a story!

Story-telling is a skill. It is a skill that everyone should work to develop. For today’s prompt we want you to tell a story. A story about your career that you can use at some point for an interview in the future. It should be a basic “tell me something about yourself” story.

Pick a story. Write it down (either in full or in bullet points) and then tell it. Say it out loud. Practice saying it – either in the privacy of your own home or with a trusted friend.

Human beings are emotionally driven, they attach themselves to narratives and relate better to stories. Whether you are trying to get a point across, trying to inspire someone, trying to find a job – tell a story.

A career journal is a great place (and safe place) to develop your story ideas and interesting narratives if they don’t come to you naturally.

Once you have developed your story and tested it aloud (and refined as necessary) you may want to try it our in the real world if you feel it might have success.

Finally, if you do try it out dedicate another journal entry to its critical review and feedback.

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