Prompt: What is your hobby?


Prompt: What is your hobby?

You cannot and should not be so career focussed that you do not have a hobby. A hobby will help you relax, give you some downtime and makes you human.

However, some people can find it hard to identify a hobby because they work so hard. If you are career-focussed enough to be a career journalist you might well be one of these people, which is why it is an important prompt to write about your hobbies and to consider the answers to these questions:

  • what is your hobby? how do you spend your free time?
  • how often do you do your hobby and when?
  • what doer of things connected to your hobby can you talk about that are accessible to all?
  • Do any of your colleagues and contacts share your hobby? Can you use your hobby to build links/relationships with them?
  • Do you have a “NSFW” hobby and if so what is it and how can you make it safe to chat about in work?

Once you have done this for your main hobbies you may wish to repeat the exercise for the additional activities that you do in your free time.

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