Revision by Textbook (follow up questions)

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You wrote your own textbook to assist with your LPC studies and to help you revise. I was thinking about doing this myself – but I had a few questions.

  • how long did it take to make the textbook?
    One of my textbooks I built up over the whole elective (due to pretty bad course notes). The others I did more condensed versions closer to the exam period. As the course material provided was suitable for the classes, these ones were for revision purposes. It is possible to do a textbook within the 30days scheme. The great thing is doing a textbook is revision in itself. The condensed versions are more like a practice guide with the key parts and then have a reference to the main text “just in case” but everything you think you will need should be in your textbook. After all, that is the point of doing it.


  • did you use/intend to use any material alongside it in the exam?
    I still took the allowed material into the exam and still used my own textbook in the same way as I used any textbook (sticky tabs, highlighting etc). I only veered from my personal textbook a couple of times during my exams. Of course how much you need additional material will depend on the standard of your textbook.


  • what do you think of typing up the textbook instead of hand writing it?
    I wrote mine because for me writing something means it goes into my head more than if I type something. So it is personal preference. I have previously typed a lot of work and it hasn’t gone any quicker (due to bells and whistles of formatting) but it is easily readable. So if your handwriting is bad this is a good option. The downside is if you type it you have to print it (and bind/secure).

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