Prompt: Reading List for 2018

Prompt Journal from Printed Portal - Reading List

Write a reading list.

Your New Year Resolutions may have already fallen by the wayside. You may have ambitiously said that you were going to read more books and read a book a week. Yes, somehow you were going to fit in reading 52 books. If you listen to audiobooks, yes I might have believed you. If you are talking about physical books I’d be more skeptical.  However, a great thing to be at the beginning of the year is to be ambitious. Don’t hesitate. Write down your list and get through what you can.

It is not too late to write your reading list down for 2018.

Write a list of all the books that you want to read this year (this might include books that you didn’t quite get round to last year). Pick a variety of books that you want to read – pick books that you will want to read for pleasure after a hard day at work, pick an old classic that will be a close friend, pick a book that will inspire you, pick a book that will educate you… the list goes on.

Choose a variety of books that will meet different needs and nurture your soul in different ways. If it helps motivate you why not also write down why you want to read these particular books and your motivation for choosing them.

Reading List suggestions:


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