Setting Journalling Goals

promptjournal(5)Today I would like to draw a distinction between:

  • Using your Journal to achieve your goals by setting Journal Goals (or goals for your journal); and
  • Setting Writing Goals for writing in your journal.

Today I want to talk about the second one: Setting goals for writing in your journal and I want to encourage you to take 5-10 minutes today to work out your JOURNAL WRITING GOALS. Think about how you are going to use your journal to achieve your goals and from this think about how you might use your journal and how much time you might need to dedicate to journal writing to do this.

My current JOURNAL WRITING GOALS for my personal career journal are simple – I have set out below to get you started:

  1. Write a FREESTYLE journal entry once a week (initially scheduled on a Wednesday Morning from 7am)
  2. Career Journal PROMPT entry once a week (initially scheduled on a Thursday at 7am)
  3. Review Progress once a month (initially scheduled on the third Sunday of the Month)

I simply decided what I wanted to achieve and I have then I have scheduled a block of time to get it done in my filofax.

Depending on what you want to achieve you might choose to do more or less, write more or less or even simply spend more time on reflection. You can do this for ALL your journals to help you commit to them.

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