What is a Career Journal?


A career journal is a tool that you can use to manage your career.

All Career Journals should:

  • Analyse your current situation
  • Keep track of your daily career-related achievements and progress
  • Establish daily or weekly career-related goals or tasks
  • Express your reactions to success and failures
  • Create and Develop action plans to meet goals/tasks
  • Brainstorm about your future career goals
  • Make checklists
  • Prepare a SWOT (strengths-weakness-opportunities-threats) analysis
  • Record key information
  • Develop  your covering letter and/or CV
  • Research new job opportunities.
  • help practice job interview questions – and answers
  • Gather salary information
  • Develop your Skills
  • Develop plans for achieving promotions
  • Prepare for job performance reviews/salary reviews
  • Market yourself within the company



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