Let’s Get Started: What is a Journal?

promptjournal(3)When I was a teenager I started writing  in a journal (and not a diary). I wrote about my thoughts, feelings, what inspired me and my goals. I didn’t write in it daily, but when I had the urge to write and create.

Certainly I went through a period where I abandoning writing a journal altogether, but now I find it a useful way to collect my thoughts and reflect on my life, my relationship, my career and my blog.

what is a journal

Importantly, a journal is private. You are free to be yourself and to challenge yourself. To collect your thoughts and inspiration and turn them into ideas.

You might use a simple bound notebook, a filofax or ringbinder, or type it on your laptop or computer.

But its potential as a focussed learning tool is amazing. If you have not already started this practice – or you only occasionally write something – now is the time to step it up a notch.


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