Which Law Firm?

Q: How do you/did you know what Law Firms to apply for a training contract with?

I had a very strong idea of what area of law I liked and that was a big deciding factor for me.  Property is an area of law that the majority of firms do some work in. I applied for both niche property firms and those with an excellent reputation in property law (along with a couple of other firms that I liked for other reasons but didn’t necessarily have a “strong” property department). After all if I want to have a choice of qualifying in property I will need to have completed a seat in it.

I decided my factors to consider were:

  • the reputation of the firm
  • seat options
  • prospects of a job on qualification.

It is not a straightforward choice with a wide range of firms out there (with a limited number of jobs). But:

  • Be selective – have a list of criteria.
  • Want the Job (Some people simply don’t care what they do they just want a job – but I will stress that further down the line there are too many colleagues disappointed by what they do as they are not passionate about it and admit that things “just sort of turned out that way”.)
  • Be realistic – there is no point in holding out for a job where all the current trainees are first class degrees from Oxbridge if you are sitting on a 2.2
  • If you can get it – do work experience or get to know someone who works there – get the inside scoop – the reality is often different from the glossy brochures.
  • finally remember: law firms are not your only option.

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