Y is for… Yourself

Y is for… How would you describe YOURSELF?

I have already asked how your boss or colleague would describe you, but what if you got asked how you would describe yourself – do you know what you would say? Sometimes the interviewer might limit this to three words, or even one word.

  • I start preparing for this question by writing a list of words I use to describe myself.
  • I then remove all those words that are not professional.
  • I then re-read the company’s values, vision and current employee profiles to see what matches up.
  • I then expand on this words so I know why I would use these words why they describe me and prepare a couple of statements that could be used in an interview context.

Using your career journal will help you find inspiration for Interview Questions and help you prepare, practice and review your answers. This can be a great technique which is why I have chosen to use the A to Z of Interview Questions Posts as Journal Prompts. If you don’t already have a career journal this is the perfect excuse to get started.

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