5 Books to Read if you want to Become a Partner (Becoming a Partner)

This month we are sharing a collection of books written about becoming a partner.

1. How to Make Partner and Still Have a Life: The Smart Way to Get to and Stay at the Top (Heather Townsend and Jo Larbie)

If you are thinking about partnership, whether it is right for you, what it involves and how to get there then this is the book for you. Regardless of your current position, this book has lots of practical tips and food for thought to help you get on the right track.

2. Making Partner: The Essential Guide to Negotiating the Law School Path and Beyond (Adam Gropper) (US)

Another guide suitable for anyone at any stage in their career including law students starting out. This is an American book, but a lot of the principles remain the same and it is still a useful book setting out a framework for your legal career.

3. Lateral Moves: A Guide for Partners & Law Firms

This guide provides both law partners and law firms an understanding regarding the risks, rules, steps and perspectives of the lateral move process. Considering a lateral move as a partner this book can provide some additional insight.

4. Poised For Partnership: From senior associate and senior manager to partner by building a cast-iron business and personal case to make partner in any firm (Heather Townsend)

One for those of you who are already well on your way to making partner with a focus on building both your personal case for partnership and your business case for partnership. As with all of Heather Townsend’s books another practical and easy to read book.

5. Setting up and Managing a Legal Practice (Law Society)

This book is for solicitors considering starting a small practice. The first part of the book deals with starting up in business and the second part covers the ongoing management of the practice.


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