Prompt: Set a Deadline

promptjournal(30)Prompt: Set a deadline

All of your goals should have a timeline, a target but perhaps you need to go a step further and set a deadline, together with a description of the “evidence” required so show that you have achieve that goal.

For example my goal is to raise my profile, I am doing this by writing more content for the Company Newsletter. If I have set my goal correctly is should be measurable. Therefore my goal reads “Write one article for the company newsletter each month”. This is a goal and a target, but what if I set a deadline as well and request evidence. This would then become: Write one article a month for the next 12 months. Evidence – 12 published articles in August 2018. In the first example I might be tempted to skip an article if I was busy in a particular month. The target means that I might produce the same number of articles over a longer period or I might only write 8 articles by the time I get bored and review/rewrite my goals. Neither is ideal. By having a deadline and a specified outcome/evidence your goals have more meaning (and you have that extra motivation to achieve the desired outcome).

Now that you have been working on your goals for a while, review your progress and how effective they are. What is working well and what is not working well? Need a kick up the backside or want to get your goal over the line quicker? Set your deadline.

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