Using & Generating Writing Prompts

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I usually write in my Career Journal with TWO types of entries. The first is freewriting and the second is using Prompts.

Prompt entries can be done from using other people’s prompts like Prompt : 52 prompts for setting up and writing your career journal, using what has inspired you on a particular day or what I believe is most important one: by analysing your freewriting entry to see what is important to you right now.

I do this by re-reading a journal entry and highlighting (or underlining) common themes and points that I believe might need explored more or expanded on:


I can then either just pick one to write about in my next specific journal entry (or alternatively I can add it to my running list of themes and prompts that I keep at the back of my journal). If you still struggle to think of your own prompts or find that you are writing about the same things and want to get out of a rut or want to be more inspired you can always sign up to our mailing list for more prompts.

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